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Jonathan Brown

Jonathan is the middle of 7 children.  Raised in a Christian family that lived it’s Christian values, he has always known and believed that all life is from the hand of God, under the sovereignty of God and best when lived in obedience to God.  He also believes that God is a good God and a loving God and His ways are always best for us.


Jonathan’s formal training is in Electrical Engineering and holds a degree from Caltech.  For a long time he has had a calling to work with young people, middle school through high school.  He trained with Campus Crusade for Christ and began full time ministry with their high school division, Student Venture, in 1999.  Jonathan and His wife served full time with Student Venture for 9 years.  During this time they developed Christian clubs on high school and middle school campuses, trained youth ministers, taught parenting classes, counseled couples, and discipled young people.


It was during this time that Jonathan and Melissa gave birth to 4 of their 8 children and God further developed their understanding of His design for marriage and parenting.  Jonathan and Melissa homeschooled 7 of their children.  The eighth, Lionnel, is from Burundi, Africa and became part of the family as a college student.

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