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D. Melissa Brown

At an early age, Melissa Brown immigrated to America from Panama. Raised in a Christian household, she tells of her surrender to Christ as a young adult. Her cry to heaven was that there must be more to this life than all she was seeing. God heard her cry and the Holy Spirit took the reins of her life.

Soon after, she married a minister, Jonathan Brown. Now the two of them are the proud parents of seven children, whom Melissa has successfully homeschooled. The early years of her marriage served as God’s opportunity to immerse her in Biblical training through her husband, local ministers and teachers like, John Piper, Kay Arthur, Andrew Murray and others. Melissa is a passionate pursuer of her God and spends much time sitting at His feet. Her passion is contagious, her commitment convincing and her priorities are clear. Melissa and her husband believe that true ministry starts in the home, expands to the church and reaches the world.

Individually, and as a team, they seek to train individuals and families to know their God given identity which empowers each member of the family organism to function to full potential. This produces contentment, joy and peace within each member which fuels unity. 

Melissa, along with her husband, have been working with couples, parents, and families for over 20 years. The effects of their insights on marital relationships and parenting have been challenging and productive in bringing about much needed change to many families. 

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