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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hello everyone!

It was January of 1999 when God led us to dive into full time ministry as missionaries to youth and families through Campus Crusade’s Student Venture ministry.  For the next 10 years we started and supported campus ministries on campuses throughout the Coachella Valley. We trained and counseled couples and parents about marriage and parenting.  We spoke at conferences, churches and gatherings. We worked with local youth ministries to train and disciple students and ministers. We were privileged to impact thousands of students, parents, couples, and others through the avenues that God made available to us.  


Now after a near 10 year hiatus from full time ministry, we are returning to answer the call to teach others the things that God has taught us about parenting and marriage.  Our journey of life has been the revelation of God’s ways as they impact life on a daily basis. Our story is an unfolding of the truth of who God is and how that truth plays a part in our daily decisions.  We have been left with an experienced power, a witnessed fire, that is only to be expected in the service of the God who is in all ways the sovereign ruler. And now another avenue has been made open to us to share with generations the unhidden ways of life that have been written by the creator of life.


We are embarking on a new adventure to share God’s ways and our story through resources that will be made available via the internet. Our focus being to give direction, answers and encouragement to parents and families everywhere. We are also writing a book to give others the opportunity to learn and see through our eyes.  We provide counseling and coaching to help others learn and implement action plans for life, and most exciting, we will make ourselves available to travel and speak and carry our message of life everywhere.


Our ministry is called Lifeways for Living and it is our mission to teach adults and children to navigate life, experience marriage and master parenting in a way that breathes life, develops character and builds a future.


We are so excited to be at this place and we are eager to share it with you.


Thank  you for listening and praying.


In the service of His Majesty the King,

Jonathan and Melissa Brown

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