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Lies Parents Believe #2

As parents we need to train our children to be independent people

“I believe in capitalism, the rights of an individual to own a business for profit. I believe it has contributed to the strong foundation of our country, the USA. But I believe in the development of independent young people, who are kicked out of the house at 18. People who do not benefit from the wealth of knowledge of their seniors because they are expected to reinvent the wheel at every turn. They can’t move back into the home and live with us because they have to make their own way. We can’t help them financially or any other way because they have to do it for themselves.” These are lies that breakdown the fiber of this country.

The truth is this lie began in the garden of Eden when the serpent tempted Eve to act independently of the instruction she was given by God. “Do your own thing. Do what seems and feels right to you.” God‘s instruction is wise and it does not develop a young person to independence but quite the opposite. It develops them to dependence. The kind of dependence that builds community, fosters relationships. We are stronger together. We are better together. We each bring gifts and those gifts used in harmony are like the parts of a body working together to accomplish a task. Independence requires me to have all the gifts and operate effectively with all of them. We are not trying to develop independent people in our children. We’re trying to develop the gifts that our children have and show them how to live in community and share their gift with the world.

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