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The Wheel of Life

Being able to evaluate yourself is the key to success and forward movement. Self evaluation is a necessary part of human flourishing. However, in our era of social media it is easy to base our own success on how well others appear to be doing and the norms and trends that have been established, when we have been gifted by God authority and responsibility to see to our own hearts and lives (Proverbs 4:23, Psalm 8:5)

Tom Ziglar in his book Choose to Win states, “The wheel is a simple yet profound way to get a snap shot of how well you are doing in life”.

The Wheel of life is a tool for self examination and not comparison. In order to make the progress we want to see, it is impossible to base our own success on the goals and objectives of others. On the contrary, our source of self evaluation ought to be a solid starting line from which the end goal can be clearly seen. I invite you to look over the Wheel of Life as you begin your journey to flourishing in all aspects of life. This wheel helps you to see which areas of yourself you need to give special attention to as you make your way forward. Each cog in the wheel is important because they contribute to balance and well-being in physical health, family relationships, mental health, financial stability, spiritual growth, career development, and personal fulfillment. Displayed as a wheel, it is clearer to see how each part contributes to smooth progress throughout life. Should one cog be weaker than the other, it can pull down even the strongest aspects of your life and cause you to feel as though your whole life is off balance. These action steps are designed to touch on the entirety of what it means to be human and to help you look at all of who you are and bring balance to your life. We were created to be not just thinking being but feeling beings as well; not just physical but spiritual. Within the deign that God has given, He intended that every part of us might be tended to and that every part might flourish. It is in that mindset of achieving the fullness of what God has in store for us that we take the time to look at both our weakest points and our strongest ones. Not just one aspect of you ought to excel, but all of you can experience the glory that was intended.

Once you have done the evaluation and recognize the areas that you are flourishing in, take a moment to celebrate a job well done. This too is important and valuable in this journey that we are own. Each area of success is evidence of God’s active care for you and your life; both where He has brought you and where He wants to take you. Undoubtedly there are areas in which we all need work. Don’t be discouraged by this! Now that you know where you are, you can see which areas need to be strengthened. This is good because now we have an objective! We can grow! We can get better! That is exactly what is meant to happen when using the wheel of life.

If you need help knowing how to bring this balance into your life in a practical and day to day basis, schedule a free strategy session with Melissa to find out more about this at

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