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Lifeways exists to provide training and wisdom in marriage and parenting.


We believe that both marriage and parenting are by God’s design and as such are supported with ‘How To” instructions found in God’s word.  We also believe that marriage and parenting have a place in the fulfillment of the purpose of life and so play a role in bringing glory to God.  This deeper purpose behind the institution of marriage and the practice of parenting provide the foundation for goals, purpose, meaning and value.  Goals guide priority. Priority directs decisions and practice.


Lifeways is the practical application of the exploration of the reason for the existence of marriage and parenting.


Lifeways is learning where you should be going and how to get there.


You are invited to explore the pages of our website and make use of our speaking, coaching, and counseling services to help build strong, lasting, unified, on purpose relationships.


How we Can Help You