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Followup Thoughts

Updated: 3 days ago

After our last Friday's Lunch Zoom meeting a few things stuck with me which I want to address briefly.

1. Never feel like you have to compare yourself with each other. Each of you are uniquely made for the glory of God and the benefit of each other. Don't allow the enemy to make you feel less than because a sister is successful in her life endeavors. Rejoice with your sister in Christ for all God has done in her life! Lean in and learn from her. Count the blessings in your life and all the Lord has accomplished in you. Be gracious and

I have been thinking much about you. I truly enjoyed our conversation with all of you yesterday.

kind in sharing your gifts and talents with the rest of us!

WE ARE NOT IT COMPETITION WITH EACH OTHER! One of the things we are here to do is walk alongside each other in love and encouragement. Look at our amazing God in all He is and has done! That is a solid foundation that never changes.

2. Alena asked how we find the time to have daily devotions. I would like to give a more specific answer. And Ivy asked for specific recommendations for devotional reading. I've included some links to suggestions.

DAILY DEVOTIONS are pivotal to a thriving christian life. We must create space and time for this to happen. We must be intentional about this. Don’t wait till you feel like it. Schedule it and make it a part of your daily routine. REMEMBER, the purpose of “Personal devotions” or “Quiet Times” with Jesus is to get to know your God and Savior more intimately. Just like with any relationship, you get to know a person better by spending more time with them. As Christians there are different ways you can do this in your relationship with Jesus. This is not an exhaustive list, but a good starting place. Remember it’s n